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"Your comfort and smile
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Dr. Ali Mahdi – General practitioner for dentistry, competence in implantology.
“In order to determine together the stages and ways of treatment, you stay together. It all starts with a first consultation!”


We live in the century when people increasingly emphasize the external aspect, a world in which we want as beautiful as possible around us and we want to give ourselves, in turn, all the beauty!

The first rule to be able to convey inner happiness, to enjoy every detail of our lives, to feel confident in our own person and not least to give positive energy around us is to smile as often as possible!

But we often notice people around us who avoid smiles, smile and even feel embarrassed for this reason. The reason is mostly due to the fact that we are ashamed of our smile, that we are not satisfied with the appearance of our teeth.

But many of us do not know that the “Hollywood smile” is not only intended for television actors or television stars, they were not endowed with nature with perfect teeth but turned to dental aesthetics to have a smile perfect. To this end, today’s modern dentist comes to our aid with several methods of improving aesthetics, not just dental and facial.


I pay special attention to this specialty: dental aesthetics.

Among the methods that dental aesthetics can solve, we recall:

  • Ceramic (porcelain) or composite faces
  • Dental bleaching using professional gels and Beyond whitening light
  • Whole ceramic crowns, restore large destruction of dental tissue. Whole ceramics are the most aesthetic, biocompatible, dental material with a very good resistance. It is almost impossible to see the difference between integral ceramics and a natural tooth!
  • Removing stains and bacterial plaque by means of ultrasonic scrubbing, professional brushing and airflow.
  • Caries treatment and replacement of metallic or unsightly fillings with the latest generation composite materials whose color variation remarkably restores the color of the natural tooth.
  • Aesthetic surgery of the gums
  • Dental jewelry