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Dr. Ali Mahdi – General practitioner for dentistry, competence in implantology.
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Implantology is a surgical specialty designed to replace the first missing or severely damaged, safe.

Over the years, many people lose one or more teeth due to caries, injuries, aging or periodontal disease. Living without teeth can be embarrassing and inconvenient, lack of teeth affecting the speech, the appearance and ability of a person to chew and eat. Dental implants are an effective replacement for teeth replacement. Due to implantology, patients can get functional teeth restorations that will last.

The lack of lack can affect on the one hand how a person eats, speaks or shows and on the other hand can compromise the general health of a person’s oral cavity, causing an increased overuse of neighboring teeth and allowing the bone structure to support to deteriorate.

A dental implant has the same function as the root of a natural tooth, providing solid support for a new tooth. The first step in implantology is inserting the implant. Dental implants are designed to mimic the structure of the root of the natural teeth.

They are so placed straight into the patient’s jaw to provide a stable and secure support for the first substitutes.