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Dr. Ali Mahdi – General practitioner for dentistry, competence in implantology.
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Aesthetics in Dental Medicine is a relatively recent medical concept developed from the increasingly demanding needs of patients who no longer only want to enjoy teeth and a healthy periodontium, but also want beautiful teeth and a smile that is most charming to give it confidence.


The ideal shape of the teeth that determines an optimal aesthetic aspect of the patient refers primarily to the front of the front.
The appearance of teeth is a particularly important element in dental aesthetics and refers to a series of features related to the size and shape of the teeth, the crown volume, the number of teeth, the integrity of the tooth crown, the position, the alignment and symmetry of the teeth on the arcade, the color of the teeth.

By resorting to a series of dental aesthetic techniques, you can get the much dreamed smile!

Dental bleaching
Composite materials
Direct cropping
Indirect composite or ceramic facades
Dental bonding
Ceramic shell crowns
Dental jewelry
Enamel remodeling
The dental implant
Dental prostheses
Surgical gingival remodeling